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Workshop Sessions of VSS

The accomplished duo guided the intensive workshop sessions with the first day offering introduction to Future Literacy and jump-starting the projects, and the second day being a time to refine the students’ presentation content.

Lectures for the Fifth Day of VSS

The morning began with a lecture by Daniel Moßbrucker, a journalist and PhD candidate specializing in data protection, titled "Ubiquitous Digital Surveillance – A Threat to Modern Journalism?". Moßbrucker traced the evolution of surveillance and its implications for journalists, highlighting significant events and trends. During the lecture, he noted that surveillance wasn't a major concern in European journalism until the early 2010s.

Multicultural Evening 2024 - A Cultural Exchange

The end of the day was marked by a fun and lively Multicultural Presentation organised by the VSS Team, where the participants in pre-assigned groups, got to showcase their home countries in different categories: Food, Culture, History, Politics, and Sports.

Lectures of the Fourth Day of VSS

On Thursday, we delved into the pivotal role of information in the context of EU and NATO integration, guided by Hanna Hopko. 

Lectures of the Third Day of VSS

On the third day of Visegrad Summer School, we kicked off with a thought-provoking lecture by Beata Balgová, Editor-in-Chief of SME. Making her debut at the Summer School, Balgová delved into the indispensable role of media in upholding democratic accountability and the mulitfaceted strategies autocrats employ to undermine this role. She highlighted the struggle to engage younger audiences with traditional media and emphasized the importance of investigative journalism, citing landmark investigations like Watergate and Panama Papers.