FORUM 2000 in Villa Decius: The Power of the Powerless Revisited

Debate entitled „The Power of the Powerless Revisited” which will take place on 18 September 2013, at 2:00pm in Villa Decius. The event is part of the FORUM 2000 Conference held in Prague on 15-17 September 2013. The debate in Villa Decius will be attended by Surenda Munshi, a distinguished sociologist from the Indian Institute of Management of Calcutta; Tamara Sujú, defender of human rights, President of New National Awareness Foundation from Venezuela; Danuta Glondys, Director of Villa Decius Association and Jan Piekło – journalist, Director of the Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation – PAUCI. The meeting will be chaired by Wojciech Przybylski, Editor-in-Chief of „Res Publica Nowa” quarterly; it will be an expertise-based discussion held in English.
Interested persons are invited to submit their entries to The number of entries is limited.

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